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West Africa Money now list this event called 10th Anniversary UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Convention | UGANDA FINTECH which is taking place on Our mission is Money, Business And Investments to help you in becoming successful.

This year’s theme is “leveraging Uganda’s Investment Potential”.

The Uganda UK Trade and Investment Convention is an annual convention connecting ambitious British firms looking to explore new investment opportunities in Uganda.
This year’s theme is “leveraging Uganda’s Investment Potential” which will take place on:

Day 1: Friday, 11th September 2020.
Day 2: Saturday, 12th September 2020
At Park Plaza London Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TJ.

Packed with expert advice, world leading knowledgeable speakers, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Convention stands as the most important summit for businesses and organisations s looking to set up overseas operations in East Africa (Uganda).
Uganda has been consistently drawing the highest FDI in East Africa, attracting between $250 – 300 million in FDI annually between 2010 and 2016 – largely due to its stable and consistent macro-economic policies, liberalized business environment, proximity as a logistics hub within the Great Lakes region and increased regional trade. British investors were particularly active, with 10 project commitments, followed by Dutch companies.
The forum brings together experts, high profile business and government delegates from Uganda and UK, business leaders, Ugandans in the Diaspora, professionals and representatives from prominent organisations based in Uganda, the UK and beyond. Delegates have access to up-to-date information on the vast potential for investment that Uganda offers to both the domestic and international community. They can acquire business tips, obtain relevant literature on priority sectors for investment, take part in an interactive Q & A session and hear about the realities of doing business in Uganda.
The delegates also have a chance to a one on one with a dedicated team from a One Stop Centre (OSC) to answer questions from business registration, tax advice and registration, immigration and work permit issues, land acquisition and verification, as well as environmental compliance, approvals and licensing.
The 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Uganda, the 8th freest economy out of the 46 Sub-Saharan Africa countries. The business operating environment allows the full repatriation of profits after payment of mandatory taxes as well as 100% foreign ownership of private investments. The incentive regime is structurally embedded in the country’s tax laws making them non-discriminatory and accessible to both domestic and foreign investment depending on the sector and level of investment. 

Over 100 UK and UK companies operating in Uganda; include well-known companies like Tullow Oil, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Unilever, Citibank; Prudential; AIG; Caterpillar; John Deere; NCR; Sheraton; Marriott; FedEx, Ernst & Young, Deloitte; Price Waterhouse Coopers; General Motors; Coca-Cola; Pepsi-Cola; and American Tower Corporation, Shell and British Airways.
Benefits for British businesses exporting to Uganda include;

  • stable, liberalised economy
  • strong natural resource base
  • government commitment to private sector
  • low cost workforce
  • part of 2 regional blocs which increases the potential consumer base
  • attractive investment policies


A potential investor considering investing in Uganda, will find a well regulated highly liberalized economy in which all sectors are open for investment with a free movement of capital to and from the country.  
Top prospect sectors for U.K. exports to Uganda include; agro-processing, farm and construction equipment; oil production technologies; power generation; renewable energy technologies; manufacturing equipment; information and communication technology products; medical equipment; pharmaceuticals; cosmetics; and consumer goods.
“Britain’s reputation – the goods and services offered by British businesses are often, if not always, considered superior to those of its competitors. It is seen to have a quality, akin to a Kitemark Standard, that others simply don’t match. Uganda Government is very keen on the involvement of British project management whilst other countries can offer cheap labour.

Why attend?

  • Gain industry insight, discover the most outstanding projects and property deals, build partnerships and secure investment trust.
  • Attend a ‘one stop shop’ opportunity to capitalize and take advantage of the best property deals, services and gain insight from industry experts.
  • Face to face access to a wide range of experts to help and guide you with your property or investment purchase in Uganda.
  • Access the latest projects by renowned and well-reputed developers, including agencies and lifestyle services based in Uganda.
  • A selection of affordable property development projects on display covering the capital Kampala, with varying options such as apartments, houses, gated community developments, villas, serviced plots, plus more.
  • There will be banks, mortgage providers giving you advice how to finance your dream home or investment.
  • New real estate investment opportunities in commercial or personal home.
  • Keynotes from top business and government Ugandan Influencers
  • Roundtables highlighting bankable investment opportunities
  • Exhibition showcases for investment promotion agencies
  • Private bilateral meetings with UK investors
  • Dedicated networking sessions
  • Identify concrete investment and business opportunities
  • Gain access to top ministers, government and business influencers
  • Debate and tackle critical businesses, East African investment and trade issues
  • Build and strengthen crucial business relationships, networks and partnerships


Who attends?

  • Senior government officials: Heads of state, ministers, heads of RECs, investment promotion agency leaders, and policy makers from Africa and beyond
  • Executive-level global business leaders, including: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, Presidents, MDs, VPs, Government Relations/ Investment Banking
  • Financiers and investors: investment banks, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices, UHNWIs, operators
  • International governmental organisations and multilateral agencies
  • Professionals services: consultants, legal advisors, risk consultants, academics
  • Leading international, regional and local media and publications
  • Innovators and disruptors
  • Venture capital investors
  • Policy makers and political leaders from across Africa
  • Central bankers and regulators
  • Banking and finance
  • professionals
  • Development finance
  • institutions (DFIs)
  • Economists, academics, and thought leaders from across tech and finance
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI enthusiasts
  • Law firms involved in FinTech


Panels and sessions will address:

  • Uganda’s potential: An evaluation of the market and economic robustness.
  • Economic reforms and privatisation agenda and progress.
  • Martin Best, a London-based Fintech expert to discuss why Uganda can become a Fintech hub
  • Incentives, opportunities and benefits in the new established Uganda Free Zones Authority (UFZA)
  • Mr. Patrick Bitature, one of East Africa’s successful businessmen discussing overcoming challenges in doing business in Uganda
  • MD, Pearl Marina Estates to discuss on opportunities in real estate investment
  • Minister of trade and Industries to discuss incentives and favourable polices.
  • Invest in affordable housing with a s little as £19,000 with ROI of over 25% within one year.
  • Where to invest: Priority areas of industrial investment and opportunities.
  • Investment opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, FMCG, infrastructure, real estate, technology, tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • Closing energy gaps: Opportunities in renewable energy, Oil and Gas sectors.
  • Investing in the financial sector.
  • Uganda Investment Authority to discuss Investment Incentives and Guarantees for foreign companies.
  • Latest divestments, M&A deals and JVs.


FinTech programms will address:

  • Policy and Regulation
  • Financial inclusion
  • New paradigms in banking
  • Lending and finance
  • Investing in Uganda
  • The future of payments
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Identity
  • Insurtech


Benefits for British businesses exporting to Uganda include:

  • stable, liberalised economy
  • strong natural resource base
  • government commitment to private sector
  • low cost workforce
  • part of 2 regional blocs which increases the potential consumer base
  • attractive investment policies
  • Access to EAC, with a market of over 135 million consumers with a total GDP of USD84.7 billion.


There are loads of reasons why you should attend Uganda-UK Convention 2019 this year. Here, we’ve assembled a list of reasons why you can’t afford to miss a show that - under one roof - will connect you with the entire business community looking to expand to Uganda (East Africa).


1. UK's Leading Event for Export to Uganda

Uganda-UK Convention is the hub for businesses that are looking to expand to Uganda, export products or set up overseas operations. If you’re looking to take your business into one of Africa’s fastest growing economies “Uganda”, cultures and climates, this is the only show you’ll need to attend.


2. Reach New Markets

There are only so many ways you can market a product to the world. Chances are you’ve already identified your ideal audience or audiences for your products. Uganda Convention will provide guidance on succeeding overseas and house all the suppliers and tools needed to open up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for your business; enabling you to reach new markets in Uganda.


3. Increase Your Earning Potential

Uganda-UK Convention provides a strong focus on the event will cover 10 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, FinTech, tourism and natural resources sectors to give you guidance on entering Ugandan market, and increasing your business revenue exponentially.


4. Unmatched Networking Opportunities

We’re always learning! Learning about a product, service, industry, profession, market segment, trend, process - the list goes on. Network with high calibre visitors and learn how to make your business bloom in the world’s most competitive markets.


5. Inspiring & Informative Sessions

Uganda-UK Convention expert insight from an impressive programme of sessions. The finest line-up of speakers. Doing Business in Uganda – the challenges, common practices, risks and potential rewards of being a multinational enterprise operating in Uganda.  


6. 1-2-1 Advice from Experts

Ever wanted to have a chat with one of your industry’s big players? Uganda-UK Convention is a one-time opportunity to have 1-2-1 meetings with experts, government officials, Uganda Investment Authority, like-minded business owners and tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get hold of. And, learn about what are the major hurdles faced by UK exporters when looking to conduct business.


7. Discussions, debates and meetings will focus on how:

How can British exporters successfully tap into the economic and related infrastructure boom in Uganda/East Africa?


8. It’s Completely FREE to Attend

That’s right, tickets for the event are completely free (but in limited supply!). Uganda-UK Convention is every business's starter-pack when it comes to expanding to Uganda; so, it’s no surprise that these tickets are so highly sought-after in the industry.



For any further information please contact: Willy Mutenza, Chairman, | Uganda Convention-UK

Whattsup +447950 285 493 | T: (+44) 207 237 7317 | M: (+44) 7790 647089

W: www.ugandanconventionuk.org   

E: willy.mutenza@ugandanconventionuk.org



10th Uganda UK Convention


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