Measuring The Effectiveness Of Digital Promotional Activity For Business

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business (601/6673/3)

Unit 08 Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotional activity for business (H/507/4160)

In this NCFE unit we will investigate and apply a range of digital promotional activities.

Understanding the process and benefits of measuring digital promotional activities.

1.1 Describe Ways To Measure The Effectiveness Of A Digital Promotional Campaign

Different key performance indicators KPI or metrics are measured through the funnel when we run a digital campaign.

Before we look into details we must understand the difference between the vanity and value metrics in marketing. Vanity metrics are figures that look good but behind the figure no true value is gained from these numbers. An example of this are many figures we see in social media. platforms. The number of follower gained during a campaign looks good but in reality does not equate to revenue for a business or individual.

The percentage of conversions of leads to subscribers and then conversions of subscriber to customers a few weeks or months down the line is a better way to measure whether a business is going to make money.

Ways in which effectiveness could be managed include customer conversion processes, meeting
campaign objectives, and cost effectiveness.


At the top of the marketing funnel. The KPIs to consider are

At the middle of the marketing funnel.The KPIs to consider are measurements from the website. Such as visitors, then

At the bottom of the marketing funnel. The KPIs to consider are conversion goals set up in analytics. These conversions could be one of the following: sales, sign ups and downloads. If 


audience targeting

eBook downloads.

Conversion rates.

Sales-qualified leads.

Customer acquisition costs.

Customer lifetime value.

KPIs would you actually worry about?

Sales, revenue, overhead, time to purchase, repeat visits, etc.

proper Goal Completions and Events Tracking

Which string together different types of conversions within your

A conversion occurs whenever a desired action is taken on your site,
aka a user is moving incrementally down the sales funnel.

Micro conversions
newsletter subscription. Google analaytics goal

Sales pipe line
Maro or indent driven interactions
Wanting a 3 month quote
purchase on site

We need event driven metrics and we need to measure the frequency of these events to keep moving forward in our progress

Most effective marketing channels are
Search engines

Click-through rates.


Organic position for commercial keywords.

Social media

Brand mentions.

Content shares.



CTA click-throughs.

Forward rate.

Lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Core metrics are sales
new customers gained
sales called booked

to leverage your existing customer base is to use automated
customer satisfaction surveys.
references for other business actually earn new business.


1.2 Compare The Effectiveness Of Digital Promotional Activities

4 activities

GA is useful in developing and desgin the site

email addresses are more valuable than follower on twitter. More engaged subscribe

newsletter providers value to subscribers more than just special offers. Offer discounts or loyalty points for being valued customers


We are going to compare the following activities website, email, SEO, social media for effectiveness

conversion, visitors profiles consumer research. asking lots of questions with surveys

Analytics and metric

This section 1 above is about understanding

So what are the benefits of measuring the effectiveness of digital promotional activities?
The learner can:

2.1 Explain Why It Is Important To Measure The Effectiveness Of Digital Promotional Activities

working not working direction to change checking and progress. Over time comparisons should be made over a time period month to month to see if activities improve the KPIs.

Benefits identify opportunities for innovation

budget ROI

2.2 Evaluate The Benefits To A Business Of Measuring The Campaign’s Effectiveness

This section 2 above is about understanding

before and after



email marketing platforms like MailChimp are hugely useful in creating and tracking campaigns as well as facilitating GDPR compliance

Here we are going to give recommendation/best practice to inform an effective future campaign

Our own campaign A/B testing.


Other notes

Will digital marketing pay off are they effective. Data and insights into your audience

Vanity vs Value
KPI and ROI.

More action in value closer to money transaction

Analyse and then take actions

Micro and macro conversions Goals need to be set up

No immediate effect
Lots of micro and downloads of documents, or newsletter sign up

Demo, meeting, sales are macro ---revenue

Can not measure or market can not manage

Time is a factor in gaining success in digital business



Screen shots need for the following