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Networking, Networking And Networking

Study, study and study again with a course like Business and Management Pathway. Have a long term plan of five to ten years of meeting the right people at the right time. You need to find people with the right reputation.

One strategy is to attend Award ceremonies. The awards and dinner evening bring together the industry's top decision makers at black-tie events where they can meet, connect with and celebrate the best people and companies. Another strategy is to attend Angels Investment shows. You do not have to pitch yourself to find out how to meet and follow up with later.

Sourcing Empowerment Exhibition, Talks And Events

Over time seek out the best events. If that means paying for them do so as this is an investment.

savers to investor

Saver to Investor encourage you to save and then invest as a way to secure financial security and financial freedom. This is a good website about your financial security and freedom. Their goal is to take the confusion out of managing your money and investing. 

The idea is to meet the following people:

  • Key decision makers in government and business
  • The serious events will be a guaranteed networking opportunities

The next phase is to:

  • Expose your brand to the largest market in Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya
  • Seek valuable business development and partnerships when doing this through your networking

We list these here events here so that you can fore-fill this strategy.

The Private Money Management To African Business Investment

A ten year investment cycle to build legacy

  1. Work on getting the best credit rating
  2. Use 0% and low credit from credit cards to buy your daily goods
  3. Save the money from not paying for goods now by investing long term
  4. Buy assets with saving
  5. Look at African business opportunities see Hamilcar Capital who are an asset management boutique. Advisory, Investment and Intermediation is their business
  6. Risk a small percentage in Africa business and property over the long term (10 years plus)

Keep an eye out for news and attend investment events:

  • News focus on African industry
  • Business services in Africa

Protect your wealth with Insurance:

  • Business Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

United Kingdom

See helping millenials level up their finances.

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